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Последние Hовости

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Команда Volvo Ocean Race:

✔️ Carbon footprint: offset 🌎
✔️ Waste footprint: compensated ♻️
✔️ Millions of fans: inspired 💪

@Vestas11thHour set out with a goal of #LeadingSustainability in the @VolvoOceanRace – and here's how they achieved it! MORE ➡️ https://t.co/IHG9wglEww

✔ Sailors become scientists 🤓
✔ Inspiring 100,000 kids in 40 countries 🙌
✔ Uniting sport to beat plastic pollution 💪

Here's how we motivated millions of people to turn the tide on plastic – by doing things differently

Its hard to argue against the fact that drones have completely changed the game when it’s comes to sailing footage! It still blows my mind how far things have come on in the last two races. Watch and enjoy! #drones #volvooceanrace https://t.co/I1XlodAbtI

A lot of work from the Comms. and Technolgy team and the right partners to make this happen (do not forget that boats are in the middle of the ocean...). Sailing as it has never been watched and enjoyed.😱👏 https://t.co/2r2E2WdT3k

Sit back, relax, and prepare to be wowed... 🙌

Here's 7 epic minutes of back-to-back drone shots from 2017-18!

Wait for the end... 😱😱😱

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Последние Hовости • Команда

Volvo Ocean Race

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