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A look at the next 24 hours as the boats are routed north of the rhumb line towards Hong Kong #WatchLog @desafioMAPFRE @teamAkzoNobel @Vestas11thHour @brunelsailing @TurnTidePlastic @DongfengRacing @scallywaghk @volvooceanrace @volvooceanraceE @volvooceanraceF

1900UT TTOP go stealth joining AKZO, TBRU & VS11 in stealth, so who is in the lead? AKZO will reappear at 0100, TBRU & VS11 at 0700, TTOP at 1300utc on the 19th. All boats come out of stealth when the leading boat is 200 miles from the finish. #watchlog

Did you know, it takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose? Next time you're sipping, just say NO!🍹🍸

Boyz & girlz in Northern Europe... send some of that good stuff you’ve got overhere. Just for us 🙏🏻😝 I won’t tell anybody. 🤫🤞🏼


This time its @TurnTidePlastic that have entered into #StealthMode for the next 3 position reports – they won't show on the tracker until 1300 UTC on 19 January 👊

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FITUR 2018 #Madrid #Spain starts #Fitur https://t.co/8VQuQQ4lcE #tourism

The industry has come up with something! #Yachting #Trends 2018 #bootddf #fairs https://t.co/FHvQmwFCSU

2018 London Boat Show as a five-day event with more than 52,000 visitors #lbs18 #londonboatshow https://t.co/a6My4IgbUA

How to tie a knot! 👏
We should open a section of online teaching! 😂🤣
#yachting #knotted #sailingboat #knot #motorboat #skipper #patron #captain #marinero #fun #lbs18 #bootddf #fairs

“Royals” for the boot 2018 arriving in Düsseldorf. Starting with the spectacular unloading of nine luxury yachts from pontoons onto flatbed trucks.
#fair #fira #messe #foire #fiere #salonnautico #boatshow #fairs #exhibitions #Выставки #展览会 #duesseldorf

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Volvo Ocean Race

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